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Methinks RR is becoming self-contradicting. Back at post 41, he wrote:

"Mas has actual experience with these cases. I do not."

Me, I'd be inclined to listen to the guy who has experience, over the guy who admits that he has none. But, hey, folks can take their info from whence they choose.

In a post early this morning, RR writes:

"There is no market for experts representing civilians in self-defensive shootings."

Well, if that's the case, there's nothing to worry about. No one will hire us, and RR has wasted his time posting.

Yet RR also writes:

"you will learn how an attorney uses experts. We carefully hire "experts" who will agree with our theory of defense. I could find and buy an expert who would testify the earth is square if I look hard enough."

RR has just unwittingly answered his own question. When his prostitute experts testify against you that the Earth is is square, you need honest experts who will testify that no, the Earth is in fact round.

RR writes:
"The hype Mas spews is nonsense, it is deceptive, it is wrong, it is false, it is hype, and it is pure marketing. "

Actually, if what I wrote was BS, there are far too many real attorneys and trained investigators reading it, for me to still be getting it published. But tell me, RR: IF I'M WRITING ABOUT LIABILITY TO BUILD BUSINESS FOR MYSELF, HOW DOES TELLING FOLKS HOW TO STAY OUT OF COURT ACCOMPLISH THAT?

Folks, we've got some trollery going on here. I dunno about RR yet, but a currently ongoing thread in TFL's Legal section on liability in regard to trigger pulls is convincing me more and more that Stage 2 not the attorney he claims to be. There, and in a Tactics section thread on carrying at home, he seems to be just another anonymous guy who likes to argue and put down others, and is showing signs of a poorly-founded superiority complex.

Yours for reality,
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