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Originally Posted by RR
...clients involved in self-defense shootings may be arrested, but they won't be charged. You won't see it. The one's who are charged will be those who shoot their spouse or someone they know, or were involved in an illegal activity.
This is either a blatant lie, an intentional exaggeration, or evidence of a truly amazing ignorance of reality, I'm not sure which.

The very first TX CHL shooting, one which received a good bit of publicity, resulted in the CHL shooter being charged. He was not involved in any illegal activity and didn't shoot his spouse or someone he knew. He went to trial and was acquitted.

Maybe you should spend more time working on your facts and less time coming up with creative ways to "slime" those you disagree with. Do you really think that filling your post with innuendo, "backhanded compliments" and thinly veiled personal attacks will make your case seem stronger?

If you want to continue this discussion as an exchange of information you're free to do so. However, you will not turn this into a "credentials contest". Especially not while you're posting anonymously.
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