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The shotgun is good for close range shooting. With 00 buck, once you get out beyond 15 to 20 yards the shot will begin to start to pattern pretty wide. Beyond 25 yards most of your buckshot could be off the silhouette target. You need to test your shotgun and choice of buckshot/slugs at different distances to see how they pattern and how you have to aim to get them to print on the target. At 100 yards, with slugs, most of us were aiming completely off the target and down low to the right of it to get a hit on it. Other slug options could vary requiring different points of aim. But, for close range work like across the room's length, 00 buck will probably work well. So if I were deciding which to use it would be the shotgun first, followed by the handgun with the rifle last. If you manage to force them back, you'll need that rifle for the last, longer distance shots.
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