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I too refuse to live in fear and I don't and I don't think that is what anyone here means either.
If building a new house, I don't see why one should not incorporate a few things that will make the home safer and less inviting to intruders.
I have traveled some myself and have had firearms pulled on me and have had to defend myself--I did--- and no I don't look for the boogie man.
You seem content to face an intruder after he enters your home and that is fine---I hope you are single or at least have no children---I on the other hand would just as soon have the "boogie man" decide that my home is not worth the effort and I would be just as happy not to see or engage anyone---no Rambo complex here.
My wife feels much more comfortable when I leave the house for extended periods knowing that she has the dogs and other things to protect her.
You also assume that you'll always be alert and on guard and no one will get past you--others have felt the same way and were wrong.
Anyway, like I said, I'll be very happy if I never have to engage anyone.

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