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I wont live in fear and looking for the boogie man behind every tree. Yes bad things happen. I have a gun and know full well how to use it. I have a weapon on ground i know. That is all i need. I know if some one breaks in they will leave or be carried out. I carry when i hit a bad part of the state but i dont feel naked in my town with out it. I have it in my truck and thats good enough for me. I have been in battle before and i know i can take care of busuness if need be. If i lived in a **** hole then yes i would take a few extra precautions. but if i cant solve the problem with an 870 full of 00 buck then you cant take care of it with a machine gun. Yes i did put an exteded tube on it when i went to Alaska and carried it for bear so i am way good to go!
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