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My wife and I are building soon and I like you, have thought about home defense in choosing our plans.
Alot of what a person can do is based on common sense.
For instance as was mentioned, no glass entrance doors like sliding doors---high quality steel doors with a little window or a peep hole.
We won't be using the full length widows that seem to be so popular now---they're huge and not necessary for a variety of reasons.
I'll have plenty of light in the house but the widows will not give easy access.
We're planning a Basement and windows will be block glass--let in light but offer way more protection than standard glass.
Low shrubbery and landscaping for sure and our home will sit up on the foundation--that is --many homes are built on slabs or crawl spaces that are right on the ground ---our windows will be out of reach without a ladder from the exterior of the house.
Inside, we have thought about the lay out too.
Front door will enter into a vestibule area and not into the main house---that area will have a door too so an intruder would have to get past the front door and then another door to get access to the house.
The stairs for upstairs access in most modern homes seems to be right near the front door in many plans we looked at--if an intruder gains access to your home, he could slip upstairs undetected if you are sleeping downstairs.
Master Bedroom will be the safe room---and built as such with a proper door and reinforced door jamb and wall---telephone of course and cell phone always kept on nightstand next to bed along with various firearms.
Outside lighting is important too and we plan on motion sensitive lights all around the house--they're pretty common.
Good locks and dead bolts.
Lastly, I own and love Rottweilers and I make sure everyone knows it---you can't believe how many people will mess with a person but not with a dog---MOST people will avoid Rotties at all costs--well, most intruders that is--to much work and risk to fight 2 Rotties well over 100 lbs.--easier to move on---and I have highly visible signs stating "Beware of Dogs" in different locations on the property---people tend to give my property a WIDE birth unless invited.
ANY dog that barks is a good early warning system---they can hear and smell someone WAY before you'll ever know they are around--my dogs can wake the dead at 3 AM if they think they hear something outside.
Just some common sense and maybe sacrifice a few design elements and you can have a pretty safe home.

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