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AKJ Concealco: Top notch product, worth the wait.

First the background:

I picked up an SP101 6 weeks or so ago. Been very happy with this little revolver and have been wanting it to take over as primary carry weapon, particularly for the summer months. So the immediate question became what holster???

I posted a question over at (where a lot of SP carriers reside) and one of the fellows recommended AKJ Concealco and posted a pic of his carry rig. I liked it immediately. So I bounced over to their website and ordered one from their "ready line".

Their "ready line" consists of their most popular basic models that they try to keep on hand for immediate (or at least quick) shipping. Well, their "ready line" hasn't been so ready, but I digress. In their defense their website does say they try to ship ready lines within 7-10 days but to allow 21-24 days for shipping.

I ordered it on March 21st, credit card was charged on the 28th. 64.50 delivered. I waited patiently up until Monday of last week which was one month to the day since the order. I called Concealco. The owner (who actually answered the phone) apologized for the delay and said my order was on the table at that moment and would be finished that night and shipped Tues or Wed. I thanked him and hung up. Nice guy and I wasn't too perturbed at the delay as long as the holster is good quality.

So fast forward to today and it arrives.


Fit and finish are excellent. Sitting here now with it IWB I could easily forget it's there. Under an untucked polo it is absolutely invisible.

Best thing about this holster is it is ambidextrous. If I decided to switch my SP101 to a weakside backup piece it would only take the removal of one screw and flipping the belt loop to the other side of the holster to accomplish this. If I ever sold my SP101 to a southpaw he could take the holster with him (Fat chance all you lefties out there ). The design is very nice and the execution is perfect.

For anyone looking for a good IWB for their SP101 I can highly recommend this company. They of course make models for other popular CCW firearms and do custom work on other, less popular models. Give them a try you won't be disappointed. Patience paid off in my case.
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