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Fantasy weapons

AMT AutoMag III and M1 Carbine chambered in .300 Whisper
Mosin-Nagant M38 carbine chambered in .375-54R
Dan Wesson SuperMag chambered for 10mm x 1.75" Rim
AR15 chambered in .357 Herrett Rimless
Savage Striker bolt action pistol in .338 Spectre
Hammerless .410 side by side converted to double .357 Maximum
Taurus Judge revolver converted to .357 Maximum with 8" barrel
Mossberg M500 12ga pump converted to .45-70 Govt.
Longslide 1911 with double-stack mag, chambered for .38-45 Clerke Super
Winchester 1892 lever action in .357 Maximum
Marlin M444 lever action rechambered in .356 Winchester/.375 JDJ
Magnum Research short cylinder BFR in .360 Dan Wesson
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