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And yet another from here in small town america . . . Capac Michigan . . . just happened a couple weeks ago. I was surprised that the perp got the jump on two officers. One was still in his car and grazed in the head. The other, direct hits COM. I'm sure this will become a training tape of some sort for the police force.

From the Times Herald:

Donald Burke, 50, of Capac faces up to life in prison if convicted of three charges of assault with intent to murder, also called attempted murder, and a felony firearm charge. The attempted murder charges are for gunshots police said Burke fired at Chief Raymond Hawks, Deputy Tim O'Boyle and tow truck driver Mike Thorpe.

Hawks was shot in the chest and remains in serious condition at Port Huron Hospital, family friend Kelly Cramer said. Thorpe was not hit, but O'Boyle was grazed in the head with a bullet.

Police said Burke shot Hawks and O'Boyle after Hawks attempted to stop him for reckless driving. Hawks had received complaints from other drivers about Burke's behavior on the road before attempting to pull him over, Lane said.

After Hawks called central dispatch for back up and followed Burke to his home at 520 William G Drive, Burke got out of his car and went into the house, Lane said.

Hawks had called a tow truck, driven by Thorpe, to the house and O'Boyle had responded to the call for back up when Burke stepped onto his front porch about 2:15 p.m. and started firing a .22-caliber rifle.

Police say Burke shot Hawks before firing on O'Boyle, who was in the area and responded to Hawks' calls for assistance.
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