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wow allot of power here...what can I wish for : D
A rifle, thats semi-automatic. That had a shotgun rail. You know how remmy has those punp ation rifles with aperture sights. Aperture is the quickets sight system etc....I love apertures. Have an ar15 and got one on my 10/22 as well!BUT! I thin the shotgun rail is much faster than an aperture. Especially for room clearing, or other tactical operations that remingtons (pump) rifle would be used for. With some practice Accuracy could be obtained with one of these rails.
The main advantages are speed, and larger field of view (well less obstructions like the rear aperture)
Disadvantages are accuracy obviously. Perhaps a flip-up sytyem that folds down into the receiver so the rail can be used as well? I would shoot it : D
Edit: I made one hahaha

UJse your imagination :P Im not a good paint user.....
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