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Your permit allows you to carry concealed legally anyplace outside of NYC and those buildings listed as off limits in the law, period. The restrictions carry no legal weight but are part of the contract between the permit holder and the issuing Judge. Violation of them can result in revocation of the permit but someone has to know that you are carrying and notify the police. Then the police have to tell the Judge and he might call you in for a meeting with him. If you are stopped for speeding or questioning by the police you do not have to tell them you have a handgun on you. And if you are following rule one of concealed carry, "Concealed means concealed", then you have no worries.

You can be anyplace and claim you are on your way to the range, or you were. I headed to the range officer but my wife called and said she wasn't feeling well and I'm going to the store to get her some medicine. If you are on your way to the range you can stop and get coffee, or ammo, or whatever. Remember you are not breaking any law, you are violating the arbitrary restrictions the Judge put on your permit. When my friend and I got our permits in the same county we each were assigned to a different Judge. The one he went to told him not to leave his gun in the car if he stopped. She wanted it in his control. The Judge I went to said to leave it in the car if it could be secured and you could remove it without attracting attention.
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