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What they called them from 1962-1966.

"M1 Garand,United States Rifle,Caliber,30,M1" per my U.S.Marine instructor each time I was required to qualify and yearly required to re qualify with one.

M1 and M14 are 2 Different Firearms.M1 is 30-06.

"United States Rifle,Caliber 7.62 mm,M14 is a selected fire weapon" per the same instructors when qualifying and yearly required re qualifying.

Also.45,carbine,BAR,Thompson & M3 grease gun.

As far as I know Submarines were the only ones who still used and were issued such a odd assortment and the antique weapons.They were for guard duty and repel boarders.Were Thompsons & grease guns considered the ideal weapon to keep someone from coming down a hatch or did the Navy need to get rid of a stockpile of the old weapons?The Grease gun was considered "disposable".M-16s were not trusted,considered unreliable to defend a nuclear Polaris submarine at the time but were being issued to the guys in combat.It seems that our Government had different values for the different folk.

46 years and I have not forgot that training!

I have heard civilians call them most anything as they do with many firearms.

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