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My comments were not directed at military training. I was military trained too, and I know what training does. I was commenting on civilian training and the ability of the average citizen to react to some of the complex drills I was reading about. My focus was on awareness as opposed to reaction to a situation caused by lack of awareness. I spent time describing the importance of tactical advantage through awareness. I stand by what I said.

If one is taken by surprise in a situation such as was related, complex fireams training may indeed be of little use unless one is highly-skilled and relentlessly practiced. i.e. police or military. And will the average citizen work the drill with any precision or effectiveness? I wonder.

As far as skill training is concerned, I think the average armed citizen should focus on point shooting as one of the strong practice regimens. Draw and fire, eye/hand coordination. A simple drill that would work in a panic situation. That is all one will probably have time for if one is surprised.

On the other hand, if one is acutely aware of one' surroundings and what is in them, one can more often than not, avoid confrontation, or escape. Shooting it out should be the very last resort for armed citizens. Since you have been in it, you know what it is like, and how some lightly-trained amateur can react in the crisis.
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