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Your question was: Regardless as to where training can take me, is what I have been taught so far relevant and useful, or should I start all over again? Are the skills Front Sight teaches a good starting point, or just plain wrong?

The short answer is you have a good base for the fundamentals of handgun shooting for Target Accuracy.

First let me define a few things:

1. Target Accuracy= is defined as “any shot that has precision; exactness when it hits a pre defined place on a specific target...” Hitting in the exact center of a target. (Shooting a small group)

2. Combat Accuracy= is defined as “any shot that significantly affects the targets ability to present a lethal threat.” (Shooting anywhere that stops the threat)

3. Square Range =This is a range that has pre marked spots the shooter must shoot from. i.e.; the line or the booth. The shooter can only shoot straight ahead and not cross the line or move from the booth while shooting.

4.360 degree Range = On this range the shooter may move free and engage targets from all directions. Moving targets and static targets as well as using barricades and cover to shoot from while moving forward backwards and sideways.

Now that you have theses skills you must progress to "Combat Accuracy" which in my opinion includes point shooting. However I must note that I teach things a little differently than most. I use the "Zipper Method" of shooting that I learned at FLETC. I have a philosophy you must crawl before you walk and walk before you run. What you learned at front sight is good, I learned theses same methods many years ago from Richard Sharrer at front sight.

Right now you are building your "Tactical Tool Box" so to speak and you need to take as much training as you can from as many instructors and schools as you can. Please note that I also feel that you should include Shotgun, Rifle, Knife and Hand to Hand skills in that tool box as well.

My father who was a US. Marine and firearms Instructor always taught me these four important things I would like to share them with you.

1. "You will not rise to the occasion you will default to your level of training.....How good was your training?"

2."A Handgun is a tool...a tool to fight your way back to the rifle or shotgun you should have had if you new you were going to be in a fight."

3."Smooth is fast. Speed is fine but accuracy is final.

4. When in a gunfight if you get hit NEVER give up keep fighting most people survive a hit with a handgun.

So don’t give up your on the right track. What Roger is trying to tell you is 100% correct.

P.S. Brownie, Matt Temkin, and Sweatnbullets are Experts in the field of point shooting and can teach you what you need to know. I hope this helps!

Tom Perroni

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