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the rundown

sorry for late answer have been in the mountains and no internet.

yes the mob runs absalutely everything here. organized crime transports all the drugs that come from down south into mexico(up to the states) and most legit buisnesses down here clean the money for the mob(actually thier biggest problem, what to do with the money).

and yes quite a few innocent poepl were killed in the pool and on the highway. as the mob held a gunfight/carchase, for over 30 mles quite a few cars were shot up.

gun laws here are as follows.

18 can buy a gun but only have it in his house. 25 and older can carry guns, handguns carbines and most rifles and shotguns. full auto weapons are illigel unless special permission is granted (or bought.) ends up taht the only people that have these weapons are the rich drug lords and blo joe defends himself witha .22

lots of people have body guards, Juancho Leon (the drug lord that was killed) had 35 body guards at any given time,

down here everything is currupt, the mobsters never get stopped, if they do and are found with possesion of weapons or drugs they just pay a bribe or make a cell phone call to a chief of police who recieved a brand new car for christmas and the problem goeas away. this is a country where buying a police officer breakfast or a soda can make life alot easier.

if the cops dont like you they just plant drugs on you or shoot you.

since ths gun battle several others have taken place. some theories are that they new presedent (a communist who led the commies in the civil war that ended in 96) is aranging to have all these guys killed. his political campiegn was 99% funded by the drug lords (juancho leon being one of his main supporters) he used them to get into power and now does not want to answer to them as they are THE main force to be reconed with in guatemala.
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