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This method is the only formal training method I have been taught. Please post links to substantiate your claims that this method is incorrect. I'd like to read more on the shortcomings of this style of shooting, and learn an even better method.
Pony, what you learned at Frontsight and what is being discussed by the OP is the "fundamentals of marksmanship" The fundamentals are very important, but they are just the starting point. Once you have the fundamentals down cold (safety, the draw stroke, keeping the gun running and hitting) you really need to take those fundamentals into some properly structured foce on force (FOF.) This is where you find out what you really need to know....what works where, and what does not work.

You will then see the need to add threat focused skill sets, dynamic movement, and the integration of hand to hand (H2H) with the gun. This is all becoming very mainstream. Frontsight is very much stuck back in the 1980's.
"Situations dictate strategy, strategy dictates tactics, tactics dictate techniques.....techniques should not dictate anything."
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