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What works for one will not necessarily work for all. I did however see consistently positive results from that form of training. Without exception, every shooter made improvement (even seasoned shooters with years of experience). I appreciate we may have been taught a method that made us all better, but it appears you are claiming another method exists that would make us even better.
This method is the only formal training method I have been taught. Please post links to substantiate your claims that this method is incorrect. I'd like to read more on the shortcomings of this style of shooting, and learn an even better method.



' In order to get accurate hits on target you must have “Front Sight Focus” ' is not correct. It has been proven wrong over and over in actual combat as well as in more controlled environments. ' The finger is placed so that the trigger is halfway between the tip of the finger and the first joint. ' is equally problematic. While that works well for some people with some guns, to try to suggest it is the only way that works, or even the best way, for everyone is contradicted by reality.
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