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Originally Posted by Boris Bush
Point of my post. Do not label certain "groups" as non threatening, it will come back and bite you in the butt in the end if you don't
And it's well said. In fact, I think it ranks up there with racial profiling as not only being fundamentally racist, but patently erroneous. You cannot even use it as a barometer, defending it by stating it's "usually true." While you're busy in condition orange with the guy in baggy pants, the mafia mechanic sipping a demitasse blows your head off.

And we all know it's true.

The most decorated soldier of WWII shouldn't have even been a soldier. Audie Murphy was both too young and too short to pass qualifications.

The most dangerous man on my turf of Milwaukee wore a suit that cost more than my Dad's car.

The most dangerous biker I know is 63 years old--and is on heart medication.

The sharpest knife I own has a blade of 1.5 inches.

My wife chews the bullseyes out of targets with an old Charter Arms Bulldog .44 SPL. Except for her's being nickel plated, it's the same model as the Son of Sam's.

My current motorcycle has its roots in 1936. Unless you have a Hayabusa, I wouldn't drag race it.

There might not be Angels who are CMA, but there are CMA who used to be Angels. I would respect all of those Bible-bangers, just in case.

My point is that stereotypes shouldn't even be stereotypes. There never is an archetypical type of anything. There's only one Brett Favre, there's only one Sonny Barger. And clinging to some hacked article in a gun rag is never, ever going to keep you safe.

There's a very good reason why people say that your brain is the most dangerous weapon.
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