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Would you expect a woman holding a baby to rob a store? It happend just a week or two ago.

Its ok to look out for the ones most likely, but if someone walks into the stop and rod in a tuxedo...... That is out of place! A thug looking kid is not out of place in a stop and rob.

Criminals are crafty and every person needs assessing, not the way they dress or look.

Not one person here knows exactly how it will go down if they ever have the displeasure. If they think the badguy will stand squared off at 7 yards and let you lay it to him without moving while you stand in the open and place your shots perfectly, then thats too bad. For the few that have most will tell you it went nothing like they thought it would or ever practiced for.

Since this is a "family" oriented sight I will not even get into my first time, because war is a little different than civilian defense. What I will say is The "scenario" was not ever practiced or even one would not think it could go down like it did. What gets you through it all is situational awareness. Know where you are going, where is your next available cover, use the fundamentals and violence of action is all that will save you. When you decide to use lethal force you can not doddle around and think about it.......... Get the job done or be a victim.

Point of my post. Do not label certain "groups" as non threatening, it will come back and bite you in the butt in the end if you don't
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