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Let's assign this a points system: 80-100 points puts you in condition red, 60-80, orange, and so on.

Location: Upscale mall in Upper Arlington, Ohio = 1 point. Certain areas in East Cleveland, OH = 9 points.

Time of day / Lighting: High noon = 2 points. Well lit area at night = 4 points. Dark or poorly lighted urban area = 8 points.

Clothing: Business suit = 2 points. Hoodie with gang graffiti on it = 9 points.
Caps invented the..................


Like in...So I was walking along the Brooklyn docks at 3:30 am when all of a sudden my HINKYMETER TM hit a thousand as I spied the alien looking lizard feeding on a bum........


As I walked into Wolfgang Puck's for Brunch, my HINKYMETER TM was on -2 as I spied all the beautiful people...Hey Mick, great tour, muaaaah buddy, Brittney's waiting for me, ta ta

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