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This digresses from centerline slightly, but as a Hunter Safety Instructor, I disagreed that our State had the special season for black powder after the regular deer gun season.

If it was held before the regular season, there would be more hunters interested in single shot black powder guns (in order to get in on the first Opening Day), and it may break some of them of the habit of attempting to empty all ten rounds from an SKS at a running deer.

Again, it can influence the psyche of the man with the gun, and reinforce positive behavior enough to (hopefully) develop it into the habit of making every shot a single shot, even if it is from a large capacity automatic.

Ask a shooter in a Service Rifle Match. He shoots 10 rapid fire rounds at 300 yards with a magazine change required, and a competitive rifleman will NEVER fire a miss (he may shoot an 8 or a 9, but not a miss).
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