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I'm experimenting with moving away from front sight focus. I left "top of the front sight" a while back in favor of dot geometry. As accurate as it needs to be and I don't waste time thinking.
Instead of looking at target, then guesstimating holdoff, then front sight, then rear sights, then front sight.... it's much quicker to look at target, form a triangle with the rear sights, and pull so long as the front dot is between the rears.

While I agree that the foot position isn't critical, I do believe that overall body consistency leads to accuracy. It's more important to do it the same way everytime than to do it a certain way (so long as you don't have a bad habit).
Basically, if you can draw and present while focused on a target and everything falls in line then it's not all that important exactly how you're doing it.

Good overall of the basics.
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