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I dont know guys.
Government administrators tend to love saying the same things in different ways as to sound kinder and gentler. I guess saying to eliminate the threat makes for a kinder and gentler police force rather then shoot to kill.
They DO love saying things that sound nice. However, in this particular case that's not why they say it.
Quite honestly, as many news articles and youtube videos suggest, officers usually shoot to kill.
This demonstrates a complete, yet classic, misunderstanding of the situation. One can not tell by LOOKING what the intent of the officer is. The fact is that the point of aim for shooting to stop is almost always the same as the point of aim for shooting to kill when handguns are involved. Both the military (whose job is explicitly to kill) and LE (whose job is to protect and serve) are trained to shoot at the center-of-mass when they use a pistol in an engagement because that is what experts believe is most effective in either case.
Thank god for sources like google and youtube that save such bits of evidence so all can see.
What one sees means little if one does not understand what he is seeing.
Did you know that there is a TEXAS State Rifle Association?
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