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I cannot recall one case in at least the past ten years in my State where the shooter's firearms training was at issue or could even remotely be put at issue-nothing even close.

There are 49 other States to be considered.

One of the things I learned many years ago when I was a young federal narcotics agent was that while most State laws were fairly similar, attitudes in prosecution were not. And THAT is a self-defense shooter's worst nightmare--

The overzealous and/or politically aspiring prosecutor.

He/she has a limitless budget and limitless resources to bury you.

It is with those waste-products within our legal system that expert witnesses play a valuable role, all the moreso in front of a jury.

I will also give a huge +1 to Mr. Ayood's advice of "know which lawyer you want just as well as which gun you want" when it comes to potential self-defense situations.

Remember: Self-defense doesn't stop as soon as the bad guy goes down. In fact, many would say that is the point to where it is just beginning.

If every single gun owner belonged to the NRA as well as their respective state rifle/gun association, we wouldn't be in the mess we're in today.

So to those of you who are members of neither, thanks for nothing.
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