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Specifically, where the shooter shot someone to protect life and or property...
This is begging the question. If the shooting was clearly about protecting life then there's obviously no need for an expert witness. If one truly desires to accurately assess which cases might have benefited from the services of an expert witness, I don't think it's possible nor reasonable to take such a simplistic approach.
Given the above, how many charged shootings nationwide do you have?

Of these shootings, how many do you think the shooters' firearms training was at issue or could even remotely be put at issue? Modifications to the shooter's firearm? Factory vs. reloaded ammunition? Actual cases.
It seems to me that you have made an excellent case for using the experiences garnered from LEO trials given that you believe civilian cases are so rare.

Why is it that you wish to eliminate LEO trials from consideration? Unless one can show that an LEO would have a more difficult time being exonerated than a typical citizen (and therefore would have more need of resources such as expert witnesses), it would seem that this knowledge base would be quite applicable to the questions you have.
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