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Again, non-leo self-defense shooting...
Curious about your reasons for limiting this to non-leo shootings. Are you of the opinion/does your experience show that LEOs generally have a more difficult time justifying their actions in court than non-LEOs do? I would have thought just the reverse.
However, again, I have not seen what you see, i.e., many civilian self-defense shootings where an expert was used to give an opinion...
Given that you're drawing an LEO/non-LEO line here I'll continue in that vein.

Wouldn't it be highly likely that the reason an LEO would call an expert witness is because those resources are available to him at the department's expense and because the department has ready access to such resources while a civilian is unlikely to have either of these advantages?

Again, I don't really see the point of trying to eliminate LEO cases. Isn't it instructive to use those cases to see how an expert witness can be of benefit to a defendant?
I am an active member of the criminal defense bar. I have many years of experience. I am a practicing criminal defense attorney. I receive notices of all criminal defense decisions in all of my State's higher courts. However, again, I have not seen what you see, i.e., many civilian self-defense shootings...
I'm not sure how these cases are classified, but would they really be referred to as "self-defense shootings" when the defendant is convicted? I would think that in order to answer the question it would be necessary for an expert to review all the homicide convictions to see which defendants might have had a chance of prevailing had they had the benefit of expert testimony.
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