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"While not every case needs an expert, many do."

Thank you for your response.

I have worked with many experts. There are many areas where an expert is used in a firearms case. For example, the last expert I used involving a firearm involved the type and firing rate of a small automatic pistol. Another area is whether the shot(s) caused the death etc. But the use of an expert to testify regarding whether the use of force, or the level of force used was justified involving a self-defense shooting? Leo shooting, not uncommon. But a civilian shooting??? Not a bar fight where one party was injured or a stabbing.

I am an active member of the criminal defense bar. I have many years of experience. I am a practicing criminal defense attorney. I receive notices of all criminal defense decisions in all of my State's higher courts. However, again, I have not seen what you see, i.e., many civilian self-defense shootings where an expert was used to give an opinion as to whether the force used was justified and or whether the civilian shooter's training with the firearm was called into question. Nor am I aware of many civil suits where the same issue was called into question, in fact I cannot recall a single case.

Again, I would appreciate if you would explain in very general terms such cases that went to trial that you were involved in. Again, non-leo self-defense shootings that didn't involve both the shooter and victim involved in criminal activity or a relationship. Cases where the civilian's use of force, or level of force used, or the shooter's training, was called into question. Thank you.
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