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"ProtectedbyGlock, you might want to check with your local police department's or sheriff's office union or fraternal organization (FOP, PBA, etc.). Ask them who they, and other police groups in the area, hire on behalf of wrongly accused officers. That attorney almost certainly has a leg up on the dynamics of gunfights, and is thoroughly familiar with applicable law and local caselaw.


Mas, I read some of your work and am familar with what you teach in your classes-great stuff. However, I am very skeptical regarding this use of an expert witness in non-leo self-defense shootings. The need for an expert in such matters is, in my opinion, very rare. Most such shoots are may need such experts are incidents between bad guys, i.e., such as drug dealer rippoffs, spouse/significant other shooting the other.

I would appreciate if you would explain in very general terms such cases that went to trial that you were involved in. Again, non-leo self-defense shootings that didn't involve both the shooter and victim involved in criminal activity or a relationship.

Note I have never read that you espoused otherwise.

But again, I just don't see these situations happening.

Also, I see alot of this notion you should have an attorney on retainer that will come down immediately upon your arrest.

Before you get the chance to reach your attorney, they will already have attempted to get a statement from you.

It is not like the movies, where you and your attorney meet with the investigators and discuss the incident. I am a practicing criminal defense attorney and your response would be appreciated. Thanks.
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