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An actual example:

Last Thursday I was on my way home from the range and stopped off for some milk and bread at the local convenience store. This place is out in the country, so it's not your typical "stop n rob" kinda place.

It had been cool earlier in the day but was now downright warm. I refused to put my jacket on just to go in the convenience store for bread and milk so I resigned myself to open carry for a moment.

As I was inside the store I notice another fellow, whose Harley was parked outside was also open carrying. (he had a Smith snubby, I had a Ruger).

I paid him no more attention after that. I paid more attention to the young fellow who kept eyeballing the Biker fellows weapon and mine. When the young guy got in line behind me at the register I turned my body so that my gun side was away from him. Did I think he was actually gonna snatch my weapon? Not really. Was it prudent to move since he was so fixated on it? I think so. Was the hinkiness such that I felt the need to leave my bread and milk there and go home? Not really.

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