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Again read what I wrote.

I'm not talking about the way people are dressed. I don't care if you're wearing a purple tutu.

If you're wearing a purplue tutu and following me around Walmart while having a discussion with someone I can't see though, then we may have a problem .

I think you and I agree on more than we disagree here, though. Please understand though that my definition of "hinky" relies on behavior, not appearance.

I watch others actions and more importantly how they react to me.

An example:

If I'm walking down the street and someone crosses the street on an intercept course with me, I'll likely cross the street before they get to me.

Another example:

If I'm in a convenience store and I see someone acting shifty, fidgety, nervous, etc. or if I see behavior that could be interpreted as "casing". I leave. Nothing in that convenience store is worth me being there when the feces strikes the air circulation device.

I could care less whether that person is white, black, red, brown, yellow, or polka dotted. I could care less whether they're dressed as a biker or a hare krishna. I look at what they are doing.

I'm not going to draw down on you for wearing biker garb as I'm hoping you wouldn't on me for wearing Realtree All Purpose.

Again. Look beyond the appearance stuff. That's what I'm saying. I can't speak for others.
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