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Use of a slug

In Florida, Security can get a "Waiver" to have a 12 gauge, not a Rifle, myself I would sooner have my AUG, with a 30 round magazine in it.

Having said what I would like, back to what we have, an ex (not new) Police trade in, Mossberg 500. Smooth as glass, hi vis fiber optic front sight, this replaced the bead. Cheek it, press, 30 yd hits on soft drink bottle.

I use this to walk employees from their place of business to their POVs at closing time, in the dark, but very well lit parking lot on a main road.

Reduced velocity slugs are in the tube, 5 of them. Since the Mossberg and I have been taking this walk, no one loiters, they used too. Level 11 vest, and a Glock 19 as well.
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