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Darndest thing...Appearently you dont have to agree with the law for it to still be applicable, Patrol. The Military at the time of the adoption of the U.S. Rifle, M14, wouldnt have ever heard the civy coined term "battle rifle" at that time, nor was it ever nomenclature for the weapon. The M14 in its basic form was select fire, and it was up to the unit using them as to whether a selector switch or selector lock was installed on each rifle. In the Army each fire team had a designated automatic Rifleman(served the same purpose as a WW2 BAR'man) and his rifle would be equipped with the full auto selector,M2 bipod, The E2 buttstock, and a slip on compensator to better control the 750rpm cyclic rate.
(Federal and State law does define the G.I. M14 as a "machinegun". Just as a Thompson M1 SMG while not resembling a belt fed M60 or M240 a machinegun by law as well.
Just the naked stripped M16A2 lower receiver with the hole for the auto sear drilled into it(and no form 4/tax stamp with your name on it) will send you to a grand tour of our fine countries legal system.and cost you thousands of dollars in legal expenses. You really do need to read up on what they believe, as it will be what will take your freedom away.(regardless of what you think)
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