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Thanks for all the replies...
Remember that line in "Blazing Saddles" when the locals warn the good guy about taking on the huge oaf? "Don't shoot him. You'll just make him mad!" That's the part I would not want to have happen. Or when they fire the old M-1s at Godzilla, who is unscathed, but is now quite interested in the shooters.

I guess it boils down to:
Since I have already decided to engage BG2 (Bad Guy, Big Gun), I must assume that I stand some chance of success. And if I don't think my P3AT can disable a bad guy, then I should reconsider carrying. I think Recon came closest to getting the gist of my poorly-phrased scenario.

Thanks, ScattergunBob, and Tom, for your CCW rules. I took a CCW class 2 days ago. it would have been much more useful if the instructor had presented them. Class was optional, since I have a DD214, but I had hoped to learn something. My Army days are looonnnng gone, and I was a chopper pilot anyway, not a shooter (except for few runs at VC with a minigun - which malfunctioned BIGTIME and convinced me I did NOT want to fly gunships - thank God no friendlies were hit!) Also reconned several areas after Tet where beehive rounds were employed. Ugly.)

As for practice, I am certainly more accurate at 7 yds with my 9mm than with my little Kel-tec, but now have the confidence that at 7 yds I could hit the BG, FWIW.

Plus, I got this way cool Armalaser on it so I can see EXACTLY how scared I am.
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