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FreedomRings, my suggestion is to try again.

I decided to make known to GV that this thread exists a few days ago and received contact from their CS dept. I did not mention TFL or THR but obviously the thread was not hard to find which is satisfying.

I returned their call and they did offer to send me a replacement unit. I was told the design is different now. I declined another potentially defective safe from GunVault having fixed it better myself.

Call 800-242-1055 ext 459

If they will not replace yours, FreedomRings, I will tell them to send me my replacement and I will ship it to you.

The anger I felt at GunVault for not caring about my money or my safety enough to return a phone call or email after months has been replaced by the satisfaction that the Internet can make them care.

I am a small business owner, and I can not accept poor customer service from any size company.

So yeah, they got back to me and offered a replacement.

Jamie, I would be curious to know if the cable design was changed on your new safe.
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