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gun battle in guatemala

big story down here. recently mexican gunman walk into a pool and engaged one of the bggest mafa famlies in guatemala. te following 90 minute gun battle left dozens of dead, bodies 7 fully bulletpoof truck incinerated, and the waging of a mob war that will claim many more lives to come.

two mob families were swimming in the pool (each family having about 15-25 bodyguards, when the mexcans shot there way in killing one of the druglords and than fought there way out to the parkng lot throwing handgranades as they went.

the guatemalan mob then chased the mexican in cars for over 40 miles shooting with ak's and m16's the whole way until the mexicans were killed. 6 were captured by the police afterword.

later investigations revealed that the mexicans were here scoping out the mob boss for 1 month before the job went down.

here are some spanish links with pictures.
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