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At first I thought this was an April fools question ... Then I saw it was serious. First off .... I also carry a Keltec .380 everyday, everywhere, 24/7.
Concealed means just that ... conceal it and carry the danged thing.
If I had my choice of a .45 over a .380, I'd carry the .45 everytime. It is a much better caliber for stopping an attacker. Big holes let out lots of body fluids and cause extreme trauma .... which is why we all shoot hollowpoints. After it gets in and expands, lots of bad things start to happen to the one who took the round. I carry a keltec over a .45 for concealability. I carried a charter arms .44 bulldog last year and it was nice until warm weather came. I like to run around in shorts, T-shirt or Wife Beater shirt (muscle shirt) and sandals. I have almost no clothes on to conceal a revolver the size of a bulldog or a large to meduim framed auto. I don't have the body mass to make big guns disappear esily. Consequently, the KelTec .380 gives me 7 rounds that are 9mm sized (It is a 9MM short!), and it is small enough to conceal with anything I wear. I considered the Rohrbaugh, but I couldn't justify the expense.
So to answer .380 vs .45 ... .45 has all the advantages over the .380 in caliber, no one yet has figured out how to make a .45 as small as a P3AT, which is where the Keltec's carry ability wins hands down. The .45 is a big round and needs a big gun to contain it.
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