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If everyone shot IDPA with their carry guns, you would see J frames, Kel-tecs, Kahrs, G26s, etc. It's a game that is slightly more realistic than IPSC.

The tendency to adopt actions and equipment to shave time is a risk in gun games. I was told that I was pieing too slowly. I knew where the target was. It was friendly and acknowledged that I was being tactical () but it was contrary to my score. On the other hand, I don't want to sit around and watch someone like a turtle pie everything.

I shot a match with my 642 for fun. My view is to shoot for enjoyment and some trigger time to improve that technical set of skills. I got a great tip from Tom Givens in a tactical class and IDPA gives me a more stressful scenario to practice it. It cleaned up some of my shooting problems. I also then go to the IDPA range on off days to practice shooting when moving. Can't do that on commercial ranges.

I also shoot steel lately as that is good practice for faster shots at a distance with little targets. Good for trigger control - my bete noir at times.
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