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Beware of ammoman

I just had to register, if only to add my complaint and warning about dealing with Eric and ammoman.

Last Saturday I placed an online order with them and within 5 minutes received an email from Eric stating they were out-of-stock and the my credit card had been debited.

Okay, that's fine - an out-of-stock flag on the product page would have been helpful, but okay...

So this a.m. I'm doing on-line banking and see a charge from "Discount Distributors NJ 856-753-2500". ??? Who the hell is this ???

[now to preface this, last October while on vacation in Florida, somebody lifted all my credit and debit card info - including security codes - and began purchasing several thousand dollars of personal computers and having them shipped to South Carolina (I'm from Washington state). So I'm *very* sensitive to credit card theft and fraud]

I did a google on the phone number and it hit 'ammoman'. hmmm, that's interesting in that the day after I was told my order was canceled, I get a credit card charge...

I sent the following email:
Good Morning,

I placed an internet order this past weekend for 500 rounds of 9X18 Makarov. I received an email within minutes informing me that you were out-of-stock and that my order had been canceled. I see today, however, that my credit card has been billed in the amount of $95 for the order.

Has the stock been shipped, have you failed to cancel/credit my VISA, or do I need to contact VISA and inform them of credit card fraud?

His response [verbatim - no sig, no nothing]:
Shipped after all but we are going to cancel and recall the shipment based on your fraud comment.

My reply [verbatim except for sig]:
I'm sorry you took offense at the comment. Please understand that I received a cancellation notice within 5 minutes of the order. I have received no further communication whatsoever since then. An order confirmation would have been courteous. The charge that showed up on my billing statement merely stated, "Discount Distributors NJ" and a phone number. I had to search the number to find out who you were.

Honestly, if the situation were reversed, you wouldn't be concerned or suspicious? I recently suffered several thousand dollars worth of credit card fraud while on vacation; I hope you'll understand if my radar is very acute in situations such as this, as I now check my on-line banking accounts on a very frequent basis.

If you do have the product, I would still appreciate purchasing and look forward to future business with your firm.

His final word:
A simple what's up would have been fine and you did get a response in 5 minutes.
We will no longer deal with you and all e-mails, orders from this address, e-mail address or IP address are now blocked.


My final word:

By the way, I'm a certified NRA Range Officer, active in a gun club of over 600 members. I'll be posting a sign in our clubhouse telling them not to deal with you.

I never received any notice that you were shipping this order.

Have a nice day.

It must be quite a feat to have so much business and clientele that one can afford to be a rude, anger-management challenged pr!ck and to treat customers in this manner. At no time did I ever receive any notification that the order was processed. Deal at your own peril. And I *will* be posting a warning at my local gun club, as well as emailing others in our area.


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