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Finding a Good Lawyer: 101.

Another question people always ask me is, "How do you go about finding a good lawyer?" And, I'm glad it was asked on this thread, because it's actually REALLY EASY to find a good lawyer! You just have to know how the business works.

As a general rule, you can find a good lawyer the same way you would find a good doctor: By referral from another person in the profession. When you go looking for a brain surgeon, for example, you do not simply look at an ad in the phone book. And, you'd be STUPID to follow some TV ad to the nearest brain surgeon in your area. No! If you wanted a good brain surgeon, you'd go to your family doctor (or one in your neighborhood) and ask, "Can you recommend a good brain surgeon?"

Lawyers work the SAME WAY! The best way to find a good criminal defense lawyer is to look up the phone number for a divorce lawyer, or a real estate lawyer, or a corporate lawyer, in your area. Call them first, and explain to them, "I'm trying to get a referral to a good criminal defense attorney in this area. I know that you are much more familiar with the legal practice in this area than I am, and I was hoping you could recommend someone." They will (usually) give you the names of at least 2 or 3 good lawyers in your town.

It's that simple!!!

Then, call the recommended lawyer, explain who you are and what you're into, and ask if you can come by their office and pick up a business card, in case you ever need them. Most criminal defense attorneys will be THRILLED to shake hands with you and let you have their card. After you get the card, follow the instructions in my previous post in this thread.

Remember: Shop for lawyers by referral from other lawyers!
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