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I haven't checked out Mr. Ayoob's stuff (which I will), nor Armed Citizens Network (which I will), but I doubt they can hook me up with a lawyer in my hometown who can handle a case like this (maybe you can?). I doubt that very many lawyers in my area would be competent to handle something this important.
One of the benefits from the Armed Citizens' Network is that they will have experienced self-defense lawyers and knowledgeable expert witnesses available for their members' lawyers to contact immediately after an incident. What this means is, even if there are no experienced self-defense lawyers in your area (and if you live in a quiet area there might not be), you may simply find yourself a decent trial lawyer instead, and then the Network can put him directly in touch with people who do have the experience of defending self-defense cases to help him figure out the best legal strategy in your particular case.

Down the road, the Network will have an attorneys' referral list for members, a list they're building right now. But even before that is in place or is extensive, the members will benefit from having access to resources which will help them educate otherwise-good but inexperienced lawyers about strategies specific to self-defense cases. That's a huge value right there.

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