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Well I went to my IDPA orientation class tonight

I’m ashamed with how I conducted myself.

I normally carry IWB, with my shirt tucked in, at 2 O’clock.
That doesn’t fit IDPA rules, so I had to use my belt holster.

Since I’m use to pulling my shirt up while grabbing the grip, I was not use to putting my support hand flat against my chest.
I covered the fingers of my support hand NOT once, NOT twice, BUT three times during live fire.
I’m lucky I didn’t get banned from the range.

Now for the really embarrassing part.
My 45, 9, 380 and 25 are all subcompact sized or smaller.
The first reload I did, I went from my 10 round mag to 16.
The extra inch on the grip totally freaked me out and I put my support hand someplace that it shouldn’t be.
I got lucky and only took a small chunk of skin out of my thumb with the slide.
(And yes, I hold my gun “tea cup” style. I’m trying to fix that bad habit.)
I switched to my 16 round for the first shots and then used my 10 for the reload without anymore hand placement problems.
** other than I covered my left hand for the 3rd time for the night at some point.

Luckily, I can still count to 10 without taking off my shoes, but man that was a humbling experience.

Practice! Practice! Practice!
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