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I don't think the gun has too much to do with it. (Unless, of course it's a mac-10.. or something equally absurd or illegal).
The point of this thread is being prepared for the legal ramification of a shooting that someone may not find "justifiable".
The problem I'm having is how exactly to go about finding a good local lawyer for this defense.
I haven't checked out Mr. Ayoob's stuff (which I will), nor Armed Citizens Network (which I will), but I doubt they can hook me up with a lawyer in my hometown who can handle a case like this (maybe you can?). I doubt that very many lawyers in my area would be competent to handle something this important.
Do you go around to a bunch of attorneys and set up fake cases and ask how they would handle the defense? Then decide based on a book you read or something?
I know that may sound silly, but you see what I mean. How do you decide?
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