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I understand, we are talking about the same parts, using different names. In the Door industry the thing that screws on the door jam to accept the cylinder lock end is referred to as the strike plate. the portion of the cylinder that enters the hole bored into the door jamb is called the strike. Same stuff just different nomenclature.

In that case, Baldwin hardware makes #3 commercial armored strike plates Strikes jamb plates and door panels as well as mortised lock sets. These are for use secure areas. Our weapon storage, Ammo storage and exterior range doors were armored in such a way. Most bank doors are also, to conform to commercial code. They WOUD BE resistant to shotgun breaching.

So I repeat "good luck with that, that 00 hurts bad when it flattens and bounces back off a hardened strike plate."

For that matter, our standard Royal powdered compressed metal breacher would vaporize without getting the job done. Hardened jambs and armor very tough.

If you like you can check it out with San Jose police, they have had a couple of failures, thankfully no blood.

Good Luck & Be Safe
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