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Gee, it sounds like a voice of reason is required here, before this thread turns into a full-fledged Ayoob bashing.

First, I am the guy who has started I do have a law degree, although I have not taken any bar, so I am not an attorney. But, having said that, I learned about 10 times more about self-defense law from Massad Ayoob and the Lethal Force Institute than I ever did in law school. Law school doesn't teach any attorney about defending justifiable homicides, so if an attorney wants to specialize in that field, they have to take additional training, (such as going to one of the gun-rag writers seminars). Having worked with Mas for almost 20 years now, and being an LFI staff instructor, I can say with some authority that each and every attorney who has taken the LFI courses when my training company, The Firearms Academy of Seattle, Inc. sponsored the course, felt they got a lot out of the training.

Ayoob has even taught Continuing Legal Eduacation courses for attorneys, and his LFI training is accepted as such in at least one state that I know of.

And, Ayoob himself will be the first to tell you not to give any statements about your actions to the police after a shooting, and to get your attorney there to interact with the police.

BTW, there is a distinct difference between legal education and legal advice. Legal education incompasses principals of law, and is generalized. For our purposes here, it would include when and when not to shoot in self-defense. Legal advice is specific to individual cases, (like when you actually shoot someone in self-defense). I took four years of legal education, but receive no legal advice. Most every gun school in American addresses the legalities of use of deadly force, some do it better than others, but in my opinion, none do it better than the Lethal Force Institute, my own company included.

Marty Hayes, President
The Armed Citizen's Legal Defense Network, LLC.
Marty Hayes, President
The Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network, LLC.
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