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Mas Ayoob has written volumes on this topic.
A good lawyer is your best friend.]
Aren't these contradictory statements? Get your legal advise from real lawyers who practice in your jurisdiction, not from a gunrag-writer/seminar-giver.

I get my legal advice from real lawyers, and I'd strongly recommend that others do the same. I can't believe some of the folks on here who live their lives making fear-based decisions. To actually be more afraid of taking action and facing the consequences, than acquiescing to some uncvilized savage is unthinkable to me.

The last think you need on your mind, if your life is threatened, is the legal consequence of your defending yourself. If you're involved in a righteous shoot, the odds are greatly in your favor of not being charged, and, depending on the jurisdiction, not being sued.

I have a problem with taking advice from somebody who's existed in the New England culture. They're just not like the rest of us, when it comes to s.d.!!!
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