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Brecher, tell me more

I know about locksets and strikes, have not heard the term cup plate please tell me more!

Thanks for the reminder about CONUS and liability, and then the rest of the real world. I do not remember breaching in the republic of, must of happened, just don't recall.

Picked up a nasty little war wound in the leg some 25 or so years ago from bounce back, they guessed, a metal stud in a commercial building flatted and returned a OO right back at me, a nice gash a little blood fountaining. HENCE, the warning I posted above. It is considered "bad form" in my gaggle of friends and a fellow rejects to shoot yourself regardless of the "reasons". I took some hits in the local paper, Want adds: need to sew up duty pants QUICKLY, call stupid at ######.

Good Luck & Be Safe
First, with the most, WINS!
Regards, Scattergun Bob
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