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I realize you life in Kalifornia; ergo, my caveat regarding REAL states.
Just an FYI... I live in a little county called Riverside, before that I lived in a little county called San Bernardino. You probably haven't heard of them but these two counties together are about the size of Tennessee. They along with Orange County and most of the remaining inland counties make up a population so conservative that our Democrat Speaker of the Assembly has publicly stated he doesn't even consider them to be part of the state. My little town would fit in just fine in Kansas, or Montana, or Tennessee. The part that you think of as Kalifornia is actually a narrow coastal strip maybe 50 miles deep, with a salient sticking out from the San Fransisco bay area to form an extension bubble of leftest lunacy around the state capital. The other 8/10s of the state is actually sane it's just that our votes don't count.
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