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I'm hoping he was just emphasizing how difficult these matters can be for individuals (and families).

Anyway, I was just thinking how important it is to have an attorney set up beforehand in cases like this. Very good point.
I was also thinking how some people may have an attorney they've worked with in the past who may not be suited to a case like a shooting.
I, for example, know a woman who is a former DA, and well-liked by everyone in the courthouse. She's easy to talk to, and you can tell that she has a passion for defending good people in bad situations.
However, I'm wondering how well she would handle a criminal shooting case. (lack of a better term)
I always figured I'd use her, and she advertises criminal law, but I think she specializes in estate law mostly, and DUI law (just because it's so common).
Is this something I should just call her about?
I mean, do I just say "If I would ever happen to need a lawyer on a homicide charge, can I count on you?"
Maybe she would recommend someone? Just seems like if i were a lawyer, I may steer clear of all this?
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