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I fail to see the humor in regards to the main theme of this thread

I was trying to mention Mr. Ayoob without implying he should be obligated to help folks on here. I don't find this thread or this subject funny at all. I'm more afraid of the consequences of defending myself than I am of dying.

How would you go about choosing the right lawyer? I'm sure you don't just call one of the guys on TV
This is a funny response... And it is also very true. I'll pass on a bit of teaching from my CCW instructor.

Like Samurai said, you do not want to wait til you are at the local police station to being searching for a lawyer. There is a difference between a good and bad lawyer, just like good and bad contractors, good and bad pizza men, etc. If you call a good lawyer, and say 'I'm at the police station in handcuffs, being held on suspicion of murder,' Mr. Good Attorney is likely to steer clear. He probably doesn't want to get involved with someone he doesn't know late at night. Mr. Bad Attorney, however, is more likely to be a bit more desperate for work and be ready at a moments notice.

Mr. Bad Attorney probably has ads in the phone book, with catchy graphics and quotes like 'We get EVERYONE off, GUARANTEED'. While that ad is appealing, cause we'd all like to get off the charge at this point, his version of getting you off might be having you plea to manslaughter and taking 3-5 in the pen. Also consider that your Bad Attorney will already have a reputation in your jurisdiction's courthouse. He strolls in to represent you, and the judge may suspect that you are no different than the gang banger's that Mr. Bad Attorney represents every other day. This type of lawyer does not have a good relationship with the judges in your area.

I'm told, you want an attorney with a record such as the following: former police officer/chief, former DA, military background, etc. You want a like minded fellow, one who is welcomed at the judge's office. Mr. Good Attorney can likely walk into the judge's chambers, shoot the breeze, talk golf, then bring up your case. He'll tell the judge how you're a good ol' boy who was just defending your family. He'll ask the judge, 'How would you or I react in Mr. Defendant's shoes? You'd have shot the BG too with that revolver you keep behind the bench, I'd have done it with the compact I keep under my jacket.'

I don't know, they guy telling me that story was pretty charismatic about it and it probably sounded better coming from him. But it's logical that this sort of thinking might be to our advantage. I'm still trying to research an attorney and have a good reason to talk with him. Right now, all I've got is 'Well gee wiz Mr. Good Attorney, I got's a CCW permit and I'd like to know if I can call ya if I ever needs to shoot someone...' I just don't imagine him getting a warm, fuzzy feeling and welcoming me as a future, potential client. I'd rather call him up and say, "Mr. Good Attorney, you drafted a lease or will for me a ways back, and now I'm in some trouble..."
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