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Years ago, before I ever dreamed of becoming a lawyer, I was a snot-nosed little college-brat in one of the professional fraternities in my local university. We were a very active organization, throwing lots of parties and managing to garner the attention of several of the local faculty members. One such faculty member actually had a criminal-defense attorney buddy of his come out to our fraternity meeting and give a lecture on "the importance of good legal representation" in a college fraternity.

Long story short, the guy explained to us that the biggest problem with criminal defense is that most people do not think of hiring a lawyer as a "precautionary" measure, but rather, as a "last-ditch" measure. In other words, people don't even think of finding a good attorney until they are actually sitting at the police station in handcuffs. And, by that time, it's often too late! He explained that his job would be so much easier if everyone had a pre-established relationship with a local attorney, and carried that attorney's phone number on them at all times.

From my experience, THAT'S the most important thing you can do to cover your bases from the legal perspective of gun ownership. I tell people who purchase guns, "You need to do the following three things: (1) Go introduce yourself to an attorney; (2) Get his/her business card and put it in your pocket; and (3) If anything ever happens, call 911 first, call the attorney second, and then SHUT YOUR MOUTH IMMEDIATELY! When the cops arrive, explain to them that you've contacted your attorney, tell them who he is, and tell them that you won't give a statement without him present. Then, go dead. Say nothing more. Ignore all questions, respond to nothing.

I've heard countless lines from people who say, "The cop told me that if I tell him what happened now, he'll let me go; but if I wait for my attorney, he'll charge me with murder..." In this situation, THE COP IS LYING!!! Remember this one thing: Police are NEVER allowed to give you disfavored treatment in response to your asking for legal representation. NEVER. If a cop indicates otherwise, then he's trying to scam you into talking without your attorney present. Don't let him do it!

Ok, enough rambling...
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